Breaking: Capitals clinch President's Trophy, two playoff match ups confirmed in the process.

Huge win for Washington has a big playoff impact.

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The Washington Capitals won a big game tonight, one that has major playoff implications.

First and foremost congratulations are in order as the Capitals have now clinched the President's Trophy for the 2016-2017 National Hockey League season with their 2-0 victory over the New York Rangers.

This means that they have now made it impossible for the Pittsburgh Penguins to catch them, and as a result the Penguins have been locked in to a playoff match up against John Tortorella and his Columbus Blue Jackets. This will be the second playoff series in four years between these two squads and considering their history it should be a great one.

There was also a second playoff match up determined this evening as with a loss the Rangers have now locked themselves into the first Wild Card slot. This means that they are headed for a first round match up against the Montreal Canadiens, and again these are two teams who have had somewhat of an unfriendly rivalry in the past. This should also make for an excellent first round playoff match up.

A big win for the Capitals, and one that could have a major impact on the postseason.