Breaking: Caps' Kuznetsov spotted on video with drugs!

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Team Russia managed to win the bronze medal at the 2019 IIHF World Championship over the weekend, however, one person might know the reason why the team failed to make it to the finals. 

Russia lost in the semifinal at the hands of Finland, who won the championship over Canada in the end. Why the Russia’s road to the bronze went without controversy, it seems that now one player is in hot water. 

A video of Washington Capitals top forward Evgeny Kuznetsov has been leaked and it includes footage of drugs. 

The first tweet of the video that was posted hints at the reason why Russia lost stating in Russia: So this is why we lost # Kuznetsov # fm2019 along with footage of what appears to be white powder or cocaine on a table. 

The video has just started to go viral so it remains to be said how Kuznetsov and the Capitals will react to it… 

The third-place match between Russia and the Czech Republic was played in Bratislava on Sunday. Russia won 3-2.