Breaking: Claude Julien makes a major change to the line up, big shift in direction.

A big change of direction for the Canadiens.

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The Montreal Canadiens have made a drastic change.

Over the past two seasons the Canadiens have made a big commitment to developing forward Alex Galchenyuk as a center, and considering that center was a position of weakness for the Habs, it's not hard to see why they moved in that direction.

It now appears that the new Habs head coach, Claude Julien, doesn't share the Canadiens optimism about Galchenyuk developing as a center, and on Wednesday he made the decision to move him back to the wing.

This represents a drastic change of direction for the organization as far as Galchenuyk is concerned, and likely also diminishes his value as an asset. Some rumors have suggested that Galchenyuk himself pushed to remain at center, but the Habs have lost faith in his ability to do so and have instead elected to move on. Those are still at this time just rumors however.