Breaking: Former Oiler Taylor Hall comments on controversy in Edmonton.

Hall speaks out.

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Former Edmonton Oilers forward Jordan Eberle created quite the controversy when he shared his belief that the media in the City of Edmonton had negatively impacted his National Hockey League career, but it appears he is not alone in his assessment of things.

On Monday New Jersey Devils forward Taylor Hall, another former Oilers forward, shared his two cents on the controversy sparked by Eberle and he appeared to largely echo what Eberle has already said.

"Yeah, no question. You get booed by fans, the media is all over you, everyone's human. You can't help but take that home with you," said Hall as per ESPN's Greg Wyshynski.

Some members of the media have already come out and criticized Eberle for his comments, some even suggesting that Eberle has a weak mind if he was so easily rattled by comments from the press. Hall however sees it in a different way, likely because he himself suffered much in the way that Eberle did.

"I read that Spector called Jordan 'mentally weak.' ... It's the same as blocking someone on Twitter: No one wants to read crappy stuff about yourself. You want to be blind to it," Hall said.

Of course when you're a high-profile player in a crazed Canadian hockey market it becomes nearly impossible to blind yourself to that level of criticism. Given how well both players have performed since leaving the team it's hard to argue with the observations they have made during their careers in Edmonton.