Breaking: Lindros reveals the real reason why he refused to play for Quebec.

Lindros reveals the truth? Or a convenient excuse?

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We may never know whether or not this is the truth of the matter or a convenient excuse conjured up after the fact, but either war the comments from soon to be Hockey Hall of Famer Eric Lindros today got a ton of attention.

One of the defining moments of Lindros' hockey career was the scandal that saw him refusing to play for the Quebec Nordiques, and the fans of that city, as well as many others who disapproved of his decision have never let him forget it.

It appears however based on the comments made today by Lindros that the team was never the issue, but rather the organization and more specifically the man who stood at the top of it, Marcel Aubut.

According to Stephen Whyno of the Associated Press, Lindros says he doesn't regret the decision, stating that the "true colors" were shown down the line. Aubut has been at the center of controversy since then, most recently for a sexual harassment scandal.