Breaking: Nash wants to be traded to a Canadian team!

This would shake up the trade market!

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The New York Rangers have made their intentions quite clear to all veteran players, and forward Rick Nash knows he needs to get ready for a move. The 33-year-old submitted his no-trade list to Rangers general manager Jeff Gorton earlier this week, meaning it’s only a matter time before he wears another uniform. 

The New York Post's Larry Brooks reports Nash has revealed that his 12-team list of acceptable trade destination includes clubs he thinks have the best chance to win the Stanley Cup. But they are also placed that would be good for his family.  

And, yes, that does include teams in Canada. I’m not excluding that as a possibility,” Nash said.

It’s a weird situation for me. I could be going someplace for a few months, but I also might wind up staying with a new contract, too. If I’m not wanted here, I’m open to anything.”

Several teams have expressed interest for Nash, including the Nashville Predators, Dallas Stars, San Jose Sharks and the St. Louis Blues. The Boston Bruins are also said to be pushing to acquire the veteran winger, while the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Winnipeg Jets could also be interested. 

As for a Canadian team that could persuade Nash to move up north, Brooks believes the Toronto Maple Leafs seem, as he writes, “reluctant to jump into the pool head-first.”

I’ve never been in this spot before,” said Nash to Brooks. “When I was traded here [from Columbus in July 2012], I had a complete no-move, so different options were presented to me that I could either approve or veto. This is different.”

“It’s weird. But as long as I am a Ranger, I’m going to play my hardest and do my best. I’m playing for the guys in the room, I’m playing for the Ranger logo, and I’m playing for the fans who spend their money to watch us. To me, that what comes with being a pro.”

In 55 games this season, Nash has tallied 17 goals and 27 points and could be a great asset for a Cup contender looking for experience and a boost up front. 

Canada calling?