Breaking: NHL star misses practice after taking a ugly hit during World Cup.

A worrying sign for his team?

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If you're a National Hockey League organization or even a fan of an NHL team you are likely paying very close attention to the players who represent your team and how they will be fairing at the World Cup of Hockey.

For fans of the Philadelphia Flyers' that meant they were given a brief scare last Friday when it looked like Team Canada forward Claude Giroux had been seriously hurt by a late hit during an exhibition contest with Team USA. Despite Giroux writhing on the ground in pain however he would return to the game seemingly alleviating those fears.

Now however we have multiple reports stating that Giroux did not join his team at practice on Monday, and one has to wonder if he's dealing with some soreness from the hit that appeared to catch him in the lower back. According to Sportsnet's Chris Johnston it's officially being called a "maintenance day" for Giroux, but the timing is far too suspicious for this to be merely a coincidence. 

That's not to say Giroux is dealing with any long-term injury, but this is certainly a cause for concern for fans of both Team Canada and the Philadelphia Flyers.

If you missed the hit here it is: