Breaking: NHL star says everything his team touches “turns to shit.”

NHL star with some harsh criticism of his own team.

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It looks like one National Hockey League star may have reached the end of his rope. 

On Saturday afternoon the Philadelphia Flyers suffered their tenth straight loss this season, matching the fourth longest such streak in the history of the Flyers franchise. 

After the game it was clear that the players were extremely frustrated with the current state of things. Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere dropped an F-bomb in front of cameras, but no one was angrier than Jakub Voracek.

Voracek, who is having a very strong season despite the losing streak with 30 points in 25 games, spoke to the media after the game and said that everything the Flyers were doing was resulting in disaster.

"Everything we touch right now turns to shit," said Voracek.

When you're playing as well as Voracek has this season and your team can't even manage to win 1 out of the last 10 games, it's not hard to imagine how frustrated he is with the Flyers at the moment.

This may become a problem for the Flyers should the team continue to struggle.