Breaking: NHL threatens to punish Svechnikov’s brother who vowed revenge on Ovechkin

It seems like the NHL is getting involved! Looking to protect the star player?!

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You haven't stopped hearing about the Ovechkin-Svechnikov fight as it seems like the NHL is getting involved. 

A fight took place between a pair of unlikely combatants during the first period of the Canes' victory. 19-year-old rookie Andrei Svechnikov was knocked out cold by 33-year-old Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin. Ovi stunned Svechnikov with some huge right hands and sent the kid crashing to the ice with a brutal knockout. 

After the fight, the rookie's brother, Evgeny, who is a member of the Detroit Red Wings organization, took to social media and vowed to avenge his younger brother. 

This does not please the NHL and Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly

Later on Tuesday, Daly revealed what is the league reaction to Evgeny Svechnikov post on Instagram tagging Ovechkin and vowing revenge. 

“Stupid Post. There will be an appropriate response.”

Fans were outraged by the league's answer with some people claiming that Daly clearly doesn't have a younger brother to protect. 

Others kept commenting that the NHL prefers to take care of social media and punishing a player for standing up for his younger brother than admitting concussions are a major issue.

Check out some of the witty replies to the league's threats on Twitter: 

Let's see what happens next...