Breaking: Pastrnak's agent confirms he will be looking for a major contract.

Pastrnak's agent makes it clear he has big demands.

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The story surrounding Boston Bruins star forward David Pastrnak continues to develop, and the latest update comes directly from J.P. Barry, the agent who represents Pastrnak.

A report from Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald has revealed that Barry will be seeking a max-term deal for his client, something that Barry confirmed to Conroy via email. Additionally, Barry also appeared to indicate that he felt the Bruins have yet to make a serious offer for his client.

“(The Bruins) are aware that the offers to date aren’t where we feel David fits in this marketplace. We plan to discuss an eight-year maximum term to see if we can find more common ground.”

The Bruins are rumored to have offered Pastrnak a deal worth $42 million, with the rumor being that it was over a 6 or 7 year term, if the Bruins feel this is the best offer they will be making Pastrnak, we may be in for a prolonged contract battle.

Team president and former Boston Bruin Cam Neely also commented on the ongoing process, and his comments appeared to indicate that the Bruins may not be as flexible as Pastrnak's agent would like.

“If it looks like an abundance of players and the market has shifted, then you should look at it, but if it’s one player that you’re hanging your hat on then I don’t know if that’s a market shift,” said Neely. “I don’t know if the market has really shifted as much as people think.”

More on this story as it continues to develop.