Breaking: Subban's father comments on his son's stance on anthem protestors

“I don’t always agree with [P.K.], but...“

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Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban has taken a clear stance on anthem protestors and announced yesterday that he will be working to bridge that divide with his new "P.K.'s Blueline Buddies program, bringing together a member of the Metro Nashville Police Department and their guest with a mentor or representative from a local organization and an underprivileged youth."

His father Karl, a proud patriarch, took on Sportsnet today during an interview about his new book, to comment on his son's stance and to explain his point of view on the ongoing controversy of taking a knee during anthems.

Karl echoes the sentiment, but "not out of lack of respect for those athletes who choose to, Subban says. He appreciates their message, and knows first-hand how important it is, he says — but he’s firmly rooted in the separation of sport and state."

“I don’t always agree with [P.K.], but I agree with him here,” he says. “I want to leave politics out of sports. Yes, there are injustices… but I would rather choose another venue, or another way of protesting, but not on the basketball court, or on the ice, or on the soccer or football field. I don’t want to lose that opportunity for my timeout from life. And sports unite us, like no other thing can in society.”

Rather than using some kind of symbolic gesture or venting his frustration in the media, P.K. Subban is letting his actions speak for him with his new program and Karl is very proud of his son. 

“You know who you are,” Subban told his kids. “Don’t let anything stop you.”

“It’s so easy for us as parents to get lost in our kids’ achievements, when they still haven’t made it in life,” Karl adds. “I want to be known for how they do in life.”