Byfuglien crushes Caggiula with a huge hit then then speedbags his head!

Talk about a mismatch. Big Buff rag dolls him!

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In case you missed it, Big Buff got angry last night. While making a visit to his old stomping grounds at the United Center, Winnipeg Jets blueliner Dustin Byfuglien absolutely obliterated Chicago Blackhawks forward Drake Caggiula with a big hit, before absolutely speed bagging Caggiula to the ice.

Here’s the original hit by Byfuglien:

Not sure what Caggiula thinks he’s doing by trying to take a run at the 6 foot, 5 inch, 260 pound Byfuglien. Probably not a good idea when you’re only 5 foot, 10 inches and 175 pounds…

Here’s the entire sequence, including Byfuglien teeing off on Caggiula as he attempts to defend himself:

Yikes… take the L, Drake. No shame in getting wrecked by Big Buff. No shame at all. You’re giving up almost 100 pounds!