Capitals’ new jersey gets leaked online!

Love it or hate it?

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We think Washington Capitals fans will be thrilled by this, but you let us know if we’re right. The fanbase has been demanding that the team’s retro Screaming Eagle jersey makes a comeback and soon they may get their wish.

According to designer Lucas Daitchman, the Capitals are expected to bring back the logo potentially as part of Adidas’s Reverse Retro concept. This was leaked by the designer himself who recreated the ersey after someone aware of the upcoming design described to him what it’d look like. The  Screaming Eagle logo comeback was rumoured by Icethetics earlier in March. 

Fans are hoping this is the real deal. The jersey features the Screaming Eagle crest on red and has the same original font and stripes, as you can tell from Daitchman’s recreation. 

It is believed that Adidas wanted each team to have alternate jerseys that would change every year beginning on January 1. The Capitals were prepared to wear an updated version of their 2015 Winter Classic jersey as their alternate in 2020 and then switch to the red Screaming Eagle jersey in January 2021.

 Daitchman even suggested a blue alternate could look like this.

We don’t know if these jerseys will indeed be the one the Capitals will use next season, but it sure sounds like this is what fans want. 

Do you love it or hate it?