Cody Glass suffers horrible looking injury on Saturday night.

That does not look good.

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A very promising up and coming player appears to have suffered a rather serious looking injury.

Last night in the Western Hockey League during a match up between the Seattle Thunderbirds and the Portland Winterhawks, 19 year old forward Cody Glass was forced to leave the game after a battle in front of the net left him unable to continue. Thus far we have not heard an official update on the status of glass but a short clip of the injury has been made available online and based on that alone things do not look good at all.

In the short clip you can see that Glass is sliding towards the Thunderbirds net on one knee as he attempts to make a play, support himself entirely on his left leg, and initially he does a very good job of maintaining his balance. It is at that moment however that an unidentified Thunderbirds player comes into frame and delivers a body check to Glass from the right side, putting even more pressure on Glass' left leg. It's at that moment that you can see Glass' leg completely buckle under the strain and although I am by no means a medical expert this is the type of injury that looks like the season ending variety. 

The reality is that your leg just simply is not meant to bend that way below the knee and as a result there are many who fear that Glass' season could already be done with. Add to that the fact that Glass was in absolutely agony while down on the ice, clutching at his leg as trainers and medical staff quickly surrounded him, and you begin to paint a very dark picture of what the next few months might look like for Glass moving forward.

Glass of course was selected in the very 1st round (6th overall) of the 2017 National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Las Vegas Golden Knights and this has to be a big disappointment for the Knights on a number of different levels. For one Glass was on fire this season in the WHL with 13 goals and 51 assists for a total of 64 points through just 34 games played, and you have to wonder if the Golden Knights would not have considered him an option if they made a deep playoff run again this season.

Hopefully the update on Glass will be a good one, but it doesn't look good right now.