CONTROVERSY arises around Sidney Crosby’s concussion following game 6.

Someone is not telling the truth here and is SERIOUSLY taking fatal decisions.

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CONTROVERSY Arises Around Sidney Crosby’s Concussion Following Game 6

The last thing the Penguins want to see is another head injury to their superstar captain Sidney Crosby. On Monday night there was a very scary moment in the first period when Crosby went crashing into the boards, seemingly head first, and seemingly with the weight of two different players driving him forward.

It was clear to anyone with functioning eyeballs that the concussion spotters did not do their intended job here, despite their expanded protocols established by the NHL.” wrote Jen Neal from Yahoo Sports.

Fact is, in after-game interview Sidney Crosby, Mike Sullivan contradicts on concussion evaluation which may be interpreted as someone is not telling the truth here.

Penguins coach Mike Sullivan was asked if Crosby was evaluated for a concussion during the first intermission.

“No,” answered Sullivan.

Crosby was asked if he was evaluated afterwards.

He replied, “Yep. Yeah. Pretty standard.”