Craig Anderson shares hilarious story of his son

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Michael Whitaker
Michael Whitaker
Published 1 year ago
Craig Anderson shares hilarious story of his son
Buffalo Hockey Beat

Just when it appeared as though veteran goaltender Craig Anderson may decide to hang up the pads, the Buffalo Sabres came calling last offseason. For Anderson, it was his 6th NHL squad that he's suited up for, and he responded by winning 17 of the 31 contests he appeared in during the 2021-22 campaign for the rebuilding Sabres. 

And they saw fit to extend the relationship with him, bringing him back on a one year contract worth $1.5 million. The Sabres have gathered for training camp, and Anderson has debuted a new gear setup from hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer. Needless to say, it's a sharp setup. 

And according to Anderson, it was his 11 year old son Jake who came up with the color design for his gear after voicing his displeasure with his dad's original design. 

Per The Buffalo News:

"I turned it over. I didn't even do it," Anderson said, noting that reps from equipment manufacturing giant Bauer wanted to know if he wanted another set of largely white pads like he's worn in the past. "My 11-year-old goes, 'That looks terrible.'

"So I said, 'Well, here's the iPad, here's the website, go design the pads.' And so I gave him 25 minutes or so. He came up with a couple of designs he made on the Bauer site. We as a family sat down (to make a choice) because I'm not very artsy."

"It actually turned out really well. It looked cool on the web site and the black and red one looks pretty good too," Anderson said. "I haven't seen those yet. But again, my 11-year-old has got way more art than I do. So if anybody doesn't like it, you guys can take it up with him."

Major assist to Jake Anderson!