Ekblad takes several punches to the head but leaves Glendening bloody.

Great back and forth battle.

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The last thing you want to see if you're a fan of the Florida Panthers is star defenseman Aaron Ekblad dropping the gloves. 

Despite the risk inherent with fighting and despite his long and storied history of concussion issues, on Monday night the 21-year-old star defenseman for the Florida Panthers dropped the gloves for a pretty good tilt with Detroit Red Wings center Luke Glendening,

Making matters even worse for fans in Florida was the fact that the fight started with Glendening landing some solid punches to the dome of Ekblad, definitely a cause for concern, but the youngster did a fair job of rallying back. 

While Glendening still seemed to get the best of him, Ekblad did return fire with a couple of shots, and one of those shots left Glendening with a trikle of blood running down his face.