Evander Kane is getting screwed by the NHL.

A terrible update for Evander Kane.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League may be setting up Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane for what will be a pretty raw deal.

Although it hasn't been made official just yet, we are now hearing reports that indicate that Kane may not be able to test free agency on July 13th like the rest of the players scheduled to be free agents at the end of this current season. On Monday morning, National Hockey League insider Pierre LeBrun reported that there has yet to be a date scheduled for Kane's second grievance hearing against the San Jose Sharks, and furthermore LeBrun indicated that as a result of this Kane is unlikely to see the grievance resolved in time for him to hit the open market.

From LeBrun:

For those asking, still no date set yet for Evander Kane's second grievance hearing with the Sharks. Doubtful it will be heard before free agency opens July 13. So not ideal for anyone involved. Unless both sides decide to explore a settlement.

This leaves Kane in a rather terrible position, one that could potentially cost him millions of dollars. While there are no doubt a large number of teams interested in Evander Kane after his most recent performances as a member of the Edmonton Oilers, there are legitimate questions about whether or not those teams will be willing to put aside the necessary cap space to sign him as other free agents are eligible to be signed on the open market.

LeBrun has indicated that a potential settlement could resolve the issue ahead of free agency, but that would appear to hand much of the leverage to the San Jose Sharks who are fully aware that July 13th will be a very important deadline for Kane and his representatives.

Kane had likely set himself up for a big contract with his performance in the regular season, scoring 22 goals and adding 17 assists for 39 points over 43 games despite missing the first half the season. His performance for the Oilers in the Stanley Cup playoffs may have even surpassed that though, with Kane scoring 13 goals and adding 4 assists for 17 points over just 15 playoffs games.

Regardless of how you may feel about Kane, it certainly feels like he's getting a raw deal here.