Evander Kane once again issues challenge to Jake Paul

Evander Kane really wants a shot at Jake Paul.


San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane really wants a crack at Jake Paul.

The popular YouTuber was challenged by Kane late last year after knocking out Nate Robinson, saying that he'd "wreck" him: 

It wasn't long before Kane, during an interview with TMZ Sports, said that he'd "knock out" both Jake Paul and his brother, Logan: 

"They’re both getting KO’d. I mean, he didn’t even realize that hockey players drop their gloves when they fight. That goes to show his lack of knowledge of anything about sports... They’re in for a rude awakening. I don’t know if they’re going to accept. I don’t know if they have the b**s. They’re going to come up with every excuse they can to duck me. But that’s fine, they can do that," said Evander Kane.

And now, Kane is at it again. He took to social media once again to issue a challenge to Paul, essentially promising to knock him out cold:

Of course, Kane himself is swimming through some rather murky waters right now - forgive the pun.

This past January, he filed for bankruptcy, claiming $26.8 million of total debt. It wasn't long afterwards that a lender announced they were suing Kane for $15 million plus attorney fees. 

Despite his personal troubles, Kane was one of the bright spots on the Sharks this season, who failed to qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He tallied 22 goals with 27 assists.