Evander Kane’s latest lawsuit could lead to criminal charges!

​A lot more is expected to come out of this Vegas casino lawsuit…

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Last night, the Las Vegas Review Journal revealed that the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas filed a lawsuit Monday in Clark County District Court alleging San Jose Sharks’ Evander Kane failed to pay back $500,000 in gambling markers the casino extended to him in April.

According to the court documents, Kane took out eight credits of varying amounts between $20,000 and $100,000 on or about April 15. That date would have fallen between games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup playoff series between the Sharks and the Knights last spring.

The casino is reportedly seeking a refund from the gambling markers and repayment of legal fees associated with the lawsuit.

Kane, who is known to have this ongoing feud with Vegas’ Ryan Reaves, appears to be entering another one with the local casino. He should be able to pay them back, he who signed a seven-year deal with the Sharks in 2018 worth $49 million.

Rick Westhead of TSN has just revealed that he will explain what is expected next in a casino’s lawsuit against NHL star Wednesday night on the air of SportsCentre. 

He reveals how “a source with the Clark County district attorney’s office explains how allegations of outstanding  gambling markers can lead to criminal charges.”

This could get very complicated for Kane, who has been sued previously. There was an altercation between Kane and two women, and then separately with a bouncer who got involved. The trespassing and harassment charges against the winger were eventually dismissed. 

Let’s see what happens next with this one.