Extremely controversial decision has NHL fan facing lifetime ban.

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The Detroit Red Wings are under a ton of pressure from fans after it was revealed that they have threatened to ban a die hard Red Wings fan for life. 

According to a report from the CBC, Detroit Red Wings super-fan Nick Horvath, a man who became famous for throwing the first ever octopus onto the ice at Little Caesar's Arena, is facing a permanent ban from the Red Wings. 

Not only will Horvath, a Canadian citizen from Windsor, Ontario, have to report to a court date as well as pay a fine, but he also claims that the Little Caears' Arena staff have banned him for life.

"The two supervisors of security told me I'm done," he said. "I think it's very stiff. If they want to fine me I understand, if they wanted to ban me for a year ... I can deal with that, but to get banned forever? That can't happen."

Now there is tremendous pressure on the team to intervene on behalf of a man who clearly loves their team, and one who only attempted to carry on an old tradition while proudly wearing his Gordie Howe jersey. 

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