Family names their five kids after Maple Leafs' players.


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There are some diehard hockey fans out there, but this family might take the cake.

Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Nazem Kadri sent best wishes to Dave and Misty Amey of Kingston, Ontario last week following the birth of their newborn baby Kadri Lee Amey. As it turns out, this family has a penchant for naming their children after the players of their favourite team.

Along with Kadri Lee, the Amey's also have Justice Tucker (11), Angel McCabe (10), Domi (9), and Colton Orr (5) named after Leafs' players. 

"Those guys, they don't get all the recognition but they do the grittiest, the grindiest work out on the ice, night in and night out," he told The Toronto Star's Sammy Hudes and Brennan Doherty.

“I don’t want to knock the superstars like the Kessels, the Crosbys, but it’s not about the name on the back. You play for the logo on the front and that’s what I felt those players did the best.”

Dave Amey had the hard sell of convincing his wife to name their children after hockey players, even though she admits she isn't a huge hockey fan. 

“It’s not just a Leafs thing, it’s a hockey, sports thing. I’m not really, never was, into sports,” Misty Amey said. “When he first mentioned it, it didn’t sit very well and then the more I heard it, it actually sounded kind of nice. It was something that grew on me.”

Dave admits he probably isn't done, and already has the name of another Leaf's star picked out for their next bundle of joy.

"If I were to have another baby next year, there's no way on earth I'd pick Auston Matthews."

This is true fandom.