Famous NHL players agent DESTROYED one NHL owner on Twitter.

NHL owner got roasted for making public Olympics statement.

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Famous NHL players agent DESTROYS NHL owner on Twitter.

It’s been rumored for awhile now that Jacobs has been a main figure behind the NHL’s refusal to allow its players to participate, and his recent statements only help serve these rumors.  He continued with, “When you stop and think about should we take those weeks out of our season, turn it off, continue to depend on these players to perform for us when they get back, if they get back and come back in good condition.”

Famous NHL players agent Alan Walsh destroyed him on twitter calling him "shortsighted" for his comment on the Olympics.

One thing’s clear from Jacobs’ statements, he is so far removed from the fan experience that he can’t even fathom how the decision could affect fan’s perception of the NHL. In fact, he displayed this when he said, “I think the four people that watch it don’t justify it.” Hands up if you would watch the Olympics with NHL players. I can’t count you all, but I’m guessing there’s more than four of us.