Fans are shocked by NHL’s top-selling jerseys list from last season!

​Yeah, we weren’t expecting these few surprises…

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Many players are considered stars across the National Hockey League and we also get an idea of how popular they are by looking at the jersey sales after the end of the season. Of course, we all expect Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby, Washington Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin and Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid to be on the list, however, fans are still looking at the top 15 with a bit of a surprise. 

On Tuesday, the NHL revealed the top-15 best-selling jerseys from the 2018-19 season and while all three of the aforementioned players were included on the list, there were some surprises. Check it out: 

We are quite shocked to see that the Oilers’ captain is only coming in at number 10. Sure, we get that his team sucked and needs to do much better if Edmonton ever wants to get back as a Cup contender, but McDavid still managed to put up 116 points this past year! 

On top of that, we see that Philadelphia Flyers’ captain Claude Giroux shows up at number 14. While we love how gritty and competitive Giroux can be, the Flyers have failed to make it past the first playoff round in the past seven years! 

The Flyers’ captain tried his best this season, tallying 85 points, but it was a drop from 2017-18 where he put up a total of 102 points. But the fanbase in Philly is quite intense, and so we can wrap our heads around the fact that Giroux sold many jerseys last season.

What do you think of the list? Do you own a few of these jerseys?