Flames fan humiliated by the Penguins!

That's funny!

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You've probably heard the idiom ''Be careful what you wish for''? Well, this fan learned his lesson in a funny way Friday! 

Tony Allen is a fan of the Calgary Flames and when he looked at the conference standing, he realized there was an opportunity for his team. You see, the Oilers are 6th in the Western conference, but in the first wild card spot. They have a good chance of making the playoffs, but a Flames fan wouldn't wish for a first round matchup between both teams. Calgary stands in the 4th spot and is expected to face the Ducks

Anyhow, Tony made a decent proposition to the Penguins prior to Friday's game. 

Of course, the Penguins won in an amazing game decided by a shootout. The Pittsburgh organization got back to Allen in an epic way. 

He proceeded to uphold the bet like a real man. 

These moments are awesome and that's a part of why hockey is so beautiful.