Flames GM reveals the true intentions behind yesterday's announcement

Treliving spoke with the media after his extension as Flames General Manager was announced on Monday

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They took their time to get the deal done, the details of which they're not divulging to the media, but there was never any real doubt about the future of the Calgary Flames and their General Manager Brad Treliving's role with the organization. The future looks bright, and will remain in good hands.

The Calgary Flames announced Monday that they extended General Manager Brad Treliving to a unspecified multi-year contract. 

President of hockey operations Brian Burke certainly didn't rush getting the deal with Treliving done, although he said there was never any doubt about whether or not the Flames wanted to keep their GM around.

We are striving to create a level of continuity and stability, as all successful teams do… Under Brad’s leadership, we have seen progress over the past three seasons and look forward to building on that growth in the coming years.” Burke said on Monday.

Flames CEO Ken King was on the same page saying, “Brad has done a good job in leading our club and has clearly earned this reward”.

Treliving is thrilled to continue his work in Calgary: “I look at where we are as a hockey organization and from three years ago, I think we’re in a much better spot, and it’s not just the team on the ice. It’s our minor-league team, it’s our reserve list, our processes of how we go about our business, how we go find players, how we develop players, all that” .

Treliving admitted he was eager to stay in Calgary, having grown attached to the team, the city, and the community around the Flames organization: “you get real invested in these jobs, and I think we’ve taken some real good steps”.

“I look at it and say, ‘We’ve got a ways to go,’ but I really like where we’re at and I like the things we’ve put in place here…The future of this team, I think, is very bright,” Treliving said, “We know where we’re at. We know there’s much work to do here. But to be able to see it through, that’s what you want. You’re invested with what you’ve put in. You’re invested with the people…So now, let’s keep this going. We have lots of stuff to do, but I wanted to be there and see the project through.”

With Treliving's status as GM confirmed, we can all calm down and focus on the team again, instead of on the question of who will be guiding it towards another Stanley Cup in Calgary.