Fleury’s wife mocks her husband during NHL pause

It seems hard for the goalie to do anything else but make saves during the coronavirus hiatus!

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NHL players across the world have to find something else to do during the pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it appears to be hard for some to do so. 

On Tuesday, Vegas Golden Knights goalie Marc-Andre Fleury attempted to do something else than making great saves on the ice, but his wife Veronique Larosee Fleury, couldn’t help but make fun of his husband. 

In a story published on her personal Instagram account, Veronique mocked her husband who can be seen fixing ramps on a set of stairs in their house. She joked saying it has taken him 35 years to get his tools out and it took an International pandemic! 

We love to see what NHL players are up to and it’s great to see that we can have some fun with it! 

Who wants to land Flower a hand?