Former Bruins star hoping World Cup will earn him a new NHL contract.

A defenseman with over 750 games of NHL experience.

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Earlier this summer the Bruins made tghe difficult decision to buyout the contract of veteran defenseman Dennis Seidenberg, and when you consider how much he was set to earn, as well as how limited he has been by injury over the past few seasons, it was hard to blame Boston for the move.

While this was no doubt a major disappointment for Seidenberg, he has also been presented a unique opportunity, one that not many players coming off buyouts get, an opportunity to audition for every team in the National Hockey League while he participates in the World Cup.

The question of course on every NHL club's mind will be how good is a 100% healthy Seidenberg at 35 years of age, and furthermore how much is that investment worth for a player who has shown signs of breaking down over the past few seasons. 

Seidenberg will earn over $4.5 million during the course of the next four years as a result of his buyout, so he won't be struggling for money, and if he is willing to take a significant pay cut to sign with a contender, he could earn himself a spot on a roster looking to compete for Lord Stanley's Cup as a veteran depth option. Of course the level of interest will be directly impacted by how well of a showing he makes of himself during the tournament.

Definitely an option you have to imagine several teams are watching closely this summer.