Former NHL goalie Eddie Lack is giving away game-worn gear online!

Thanks, Eddie! I could use a new set of pads!

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Former NHL goaltender Eddie Lack is the type of guy who seems tailor made to live the life of a retired NHLer. Don’t get me wrong, he was a fine backup goaltender during his days with the Vancouver Canucks, Carolina Hurricanes, Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils, but the guy simply buckled under the pressure of a starting job in the NHL.

I have to say though, since he has officially retired from professional hockey, Lack is a very entertaining guy to follow on social media. He’s funny, charming and… well he gives out free stuff!

The affable net minder took to Instagram yesterday evening to announce that he’ll be giving away some game-worn gear to one lucky winner this Saturday.

Check it out:

Thanks Eddie, I could use a new trapper!