Habs owner Geoff Molson saves man from a plane crash.

What a hero.

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The owner of the Montreal Canadiens is Canadian businessman Geoff Molson, a man of many, many hats. 

On Saturday though Molson put on a brand new hat, that of a hero, for the very first time when he rescued a man who had been the victim of a plane crash. No your eyes are not deceiving you, Molson actually really did rescue a man from a plane crash on Saturday morning and no doubt that man is extremely grateful that Molson was around at the time of the incident. 

The incident occurred on Saturday morning at Lake Massawippi in North Hatley, Quebec. Molson describes seeing a plane come over the mountain headed in the direction of the lake as he was headed out to get gas. It was after seeing the plane fly overhead that people who had witnessed the crash began to inform Molson that the plane had actually crashed into the lake. 

We first began to hear word of a civilian rescue effort when the Surete Du Quebec, Quebec's provincial police force, released a statement on the incident. 

“We don’t comment on the identify of anyone involved,” said SQ spokesperson Beatrice Dorsainville as per Global News. “A 60-something man was alone in the lake, and he was approached by an individual in a pleasure craft. There were people involved who helped save the pilot. He was very lucky he wasn’t more seriously injured. He was also lucky there was a boater there to help him.”

The Montreal Canadiens have now confirmed that the good samaritan that risked his own health to investigate the crash, and save the injured pilot in the process, was none other than team owner Geoff Molson. The victim of the crash was by all accounts extremely lucky, according to Molson himself the man was bleeding all over and in fact Molson describes a pool of blood forming around the man in the water as he approached him. 

To his credit Molson has downplayed any notions that he is some kind of hero at opportunity, stating instead that he feels anyone would have acted the same way had they been placed in his predicament. He may not want the acknowledgement, but I think Geoff Molson deserves at least a stick tap from all of us hockey fans.