Historic suspension for kid who beats opponent with his stick!

​The kid goes nuts and strikes his opponent twice behind the net!

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This kid needs help - he needs to figure out how to control his anger. To be honest, a hockey game can get intense with some pushing and shoving, but we can’t figure out how it came to this. 

As see on the video posted on the Instragram account of Hockey Epic, the player wearing the number 91 red runs over his opponent behind the net after getting pushed forward. Then, he blows up. 

Seeing that his rival is vulnerable on the ice, he goes ahead and strikes him twice with his hockey stick, so hard that you can tell the first hit struck him in the spine. 

A referee rushes over to hold the assailant while a teammate of the victim also comes over to defend his buddy. We can’t explain what happened to get this kid so violent. 

Check this out: 

In the end, the kid was suspension for a full year for his shocking actions on the ice. According to me, he should never be allowed to play again!