ICYMI : Rogers Place sings Star-Spangled Banner a Capella.

12 hours later it still gives you chills!

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Yesterday night was the third game between the Oilers and the Ducks. The series being 2-0 for the Oilers at the time, fans were pumped and we hunting for some ducks for dinner. 

However, something amazingly respectful and classy happened during the singing of the National Anthems. When Brett Kissel was about to star singing the Star-Spangled Banner, his microphone had a malfunction. Normally, this would be catastrophic, but not in Edmonton. The crowd spontaneously started to sing it a Capella and it was an amazing moment. 

Ô Canada was sung the same way right after. 

The Oilers went on to lose to the Ducks in a decisive manner, but to everyone involved, the pregame part was the highlight of the night!