Jeremy Swayman brings a young Bruins fan to tears.

Jeremy Swayman brings a young Bruins fan to tears.

Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman provoked quite the reaction from a young Bruins fan named Ella.

Jonathan Larivee

Jeremy Swayman has become more powerful than he could have ever imagined!

The young Bruins goaltender was probably pretty nervous during the offseason as he awaited a new contract from his team, but as it turns out there was someone that may have been even more invested in Swayman's contract status than Swayman himself.

Last week freelance writer Dan Kelley shared a video of his second cousin, a 14 year old girl named Ella, reacting to the announcement that Swayman had come to terms with the Bruins on a 1 year deal. To say that Ella, who is very obviously a huge fan of Swayman's, had an emotional response to the news would be an understatement.

Ella not only went through a battery of emotions after learning the news, from laughing all the way to crying, but she even had to lean back into her seat at one point as if to collect herself in what appeared to be an overwhelming moment for the young lady.

If that wasn't enough though, things get even better.

The video was brought to Swayman's attention and the Bruins goaltender has since responded to Ella's reaction, something that will no doubt provoke another awesome reaction from the young lady.