Legendary Bob Cole returns to Hockey Night in Canada!

Bob Cole returns!

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For many Canadians there will never be another voice for hockey, for many Canadians he will remain the most iconic voice in the sport long after his time on this earth has come and gone. I am of course referring to legendary Canadian broadcaster Bob Cole, arguably the most influential broadcaster in any medium in the country's history.

For some time now fans have had to enjoy Hockey Night In Canada without Bob Cole due to the legendary voice of hockey stepping down from his position and walking off to enjoy his retirement, but those who tuned in on Saturday night were treated to something extra special during a pause in the action. Joining the now regular broadcast crew during the intermission was none other than the aforementioned Bob Cole and although he will not be returning to the broadcast booth it was an amazing to hear his voice once again.

So you might be asking yourself, if he is not coming back to voice the games why was Bob Cole featured on the program at all? Well as it turns out the topic of discussion was the hellish blizzard that has touched down in Newfoundland, a place near and dear to Cole's heart. They likely could have brought in any old weatherman to do the job, however getting Cole back on the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast likely felt extra special for all of those involved in the planning of this special moment, as well as for all of the fans tuning in from their living rooms this evening. 

Of course Cole's segment was only short lived, although everyone participating appeared to be well and truly enjoying every second of it, and it will probably be a long time before we see him back on Hockey Night in Canada, but for one night at least everything was back to the way it should be.