Logo details for Seattle NHL team leaked!?

Now we’re getting somewhere!

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NHL commissioner Gary Bettman made the news official earlier this month when he announced that the league’s board of governors voted unanimously to award the city of Seattle an expansion franchise.

While we know the city will have a team, we don’t yet know what they’ll be called, what their uniforms will look like or who they may have on their roster. 

The day that Bettman broke the news about Seattle however NHL insider David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period reported that Seattle’s home jersey will look “extremely similar” to a jersey worn by a young fan who was onstage with Bettman during this afternoon’s announcement.

Check it out:

Here’s a better look:

Sportsnet’s Irffan Gaffar, a Vancouver Canucks reporter, has also confirmed Pagnotta’s statement:

Man… if this is true… what a let down. The NHL doesn’t need any red and black jerseys. What it needs is some green! Seattle is the Emerald City and the NHL is desperate for another team to use green as its primary color. If, in fact, the team goes with red and black as its color scheme… let’s just say it’ll be a massive disappointment. 

Now, a Seattle news outlet, KING 5 news, is reporting that the team’s logo will include indigenous art.

Check out some of these quotes from KING 5’s Amy Moreno:

Seattle will soon have another professional team to root for with hockey arriving for the 2021-22 season. Nobody knows what the team’s name will be, but there is some buzz building that it will have ties with Seattle's indigenous roots.
A while ago, Nooksack tribal member Louie Gong talked with representatives from the group bringing hockey to Seattle about the possibility of including Coast Salish art in a team logo, but nothing has been decided. 
“The fact they reached out made me really excited about the fact that Seattle and the NHL team here has the opportunity to be the first to work collaboratively with its indigenous people to create an awesome logo that respects indigenous people,” said Gong.
“I'm personally excited because I think Seattle's team has an awareness of Coast Salish art and has an opportunity to validate the presence of the indigenous art of Seattle that's never been done before.”

So… if we’re placing bets on team names based on using Coast Salish styled artwork, you have to imagine that Totems and Thunderbirds rank highly right?

The Totems were a former professional team from the old Western Hockey League (The same league that birthed the Vancouver Canucks) that ceased operations in 1975. Here’s the logo they donned for most of their history:

The Thunderbirds are, of course, a banner team in the WHL’s American Division and have dozens of NHLers play for the team over its nearly 35 year history including Glenn Anderson, Mathew Barzal, Ken Daneyko, Patrick Marleau and Shea Theodore. Here’s their logo: