Maple Leafs surprise little boy who had no friends show up to his birthday party!

The Leafs come to the rescue.

Maple Leafs surprise little boy who had no friends show up to his birthday party!

The Toronto Maple Leafs get a lot of flack from rival fan bases and you can hardly blame those rivals fans. The Toronto media treat the Maple Leafs like they are the center of the hockey universe and that can be both annoying and frustrating due to the type of coverage they receive and they sheer volume of coverage they receive as well. The fact that they are in the largest media market in Canada however does also allow the players to have considerable reach and influence and every once in a while you see the players put that to tremendously good use.

Well as it turns out this Sunday proved to be one of those moments and it all started when Jason Foster published a heartbreaking story on social media about his young son Kade Foster. You see Sunday was Kade' 11th birthday and although his parents held a birthday party for the young man the unfortunate reality was that none of his young friends showed up to the event. That's right, Kade was left all alone on his birthday and one can only imagine what kind of impact that had on such a young boy.

Out of sheer desperation Jason took to social media to implore everyone out in the world wide web to send his little boy some happy birthday wishes, and that is when the incredible happened. The Toronto Maple Leafs caught wind of the incident, Kade was wearing a Maple Leafs shirt on his birthday after all, and in came a flood of birthday wishes from Toronto's biggest stars. It was no doubt one of the most unexpected moments of both Jason and Kade's life and no doubt turned one of the worst days of young Kade's life into a momentous moment of joy. 

Here was Jason's original message:

Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews was quick to respond and that seemingly set off a chain reaction.

Toronto Maple Leafs' defenseman Morgan Rielly joined in and then the flood started really pouring in. Not only were fans of the team flooding Kade with birthday messages, but some big names joined in as well.

Actor MArk Hamill and former NHL All-Star MVP John Scott also joined in on the fun.

Best of all however may have been the responses from Maple Leafs captain John Tavares and Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner. Not only did they wish Kade a happy birthday but both men made it clear that they had a special surprise coming Kade's way.

A huge shout out to whoever got this message out to the players, and of course we would also like to wish a very happy birthday to young Kade.