Matthews goes for “The Michigan” against his hometown Coyotes

Oh... so close!

Matthews goes for “The Michigan” against his hometown Coyotes

In case you missed it last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs dropped a 2-1 decision to the sad sack Arizona Coyotes.

But, it wasn't all bad news for Leafs fans as superstar Auston Matthews established a new Leafs franchise record by scoring a goal in his 9th consecutive road contest, surpassing the likes of Daniel Marois, Frank Mahovlich and Babe Dye who were all tied with goals in 8 consecutive road games. Matthews' early third period goal makes him the only Leafs player to ever score goals in 9 consecutive road games.

But here's the thing... Matthews' return to his hometown could have been so much better. Sure, a win is the ultimate goal for this fierce competitor but had he pulled off "The Michigan" like it looked like he was planning, the roof would have absolutely blown off of Gila River Arena.

Check out Matthews trying to scoop the puck up on his stick behind the Coyotes goal with a clear "this is gonna be sick" goal in mind:

Close but no cigar, buddy. You just KNOW that Matthews is gonna pull this off sooner or later though.