Media propose Canadian only NHL to resume play in May

With the situation getting more and more severe in the USA everyday, could this be an option to save the NHL season?

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Over the past two weeks we, as hockey fans, have heard a lot of crazy proposals to save the 2019-20 NHL season. Cancel the regular season and start the Stanley Cup Playoffs ASAP, have a 31 team playoff format, resume play in June and play right up until September training camp. These are just a few examples but the idea, or rather the theory, put forth by Montreal based journalist Jack Todd is completely off the wall.

What if there were no American teams in the NHL? Could we resume play in May? What about if the American teams played out of Canada? Is it possible?

Check it out:

One thing is for sure, COVID-19 (coronavirus) isn't slowing down in the United States. The country now leads the world in terms of known coronavirus cases with 82,000 patients and the virus is spreading rapidly. By comparison, Canada has fewer than 5,000 known cases of coronavirus. 

Obviously, we're living in unprecedented times right now so it would be a mistake to assume that the NHL isn't investigating every possible solution. Still... this idea seems a bit far fetched. The logistics of having games scheduled and played solely with in Canada during a compressed time period seem impossible to overcome. Then again... everything these days seems... off