Mic picks up intense chirp fest between Joe Thornton and Tom Wilson

“Hey, Joe… at least I have a ring though.”

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In case you missed it last night, the Washington Capitals managed to beat up on the San Jose Sharks, outscoring them 5-2 in San Jose.

The Caps didn’t just put the hurt on the Sharks on the ice though… no the abuse came in verbal form too and, luckily for us hockey fans, an ice level microphone happened to pick up this exchange between Jumbo Joe Thornton and Tom Wilson:

If you can’t hear it, the exchange goes something like this:

Thornton: Stop, just stop. He’d (Evander Kane) put you to sleep.
Wilson: You think I won’t fight him? At least I got a ring though. I was key, you were in the f***ing press box when you lost.

Ouch… right in the feels.