Must See: NHL team takes controversial political stance in-game!

Keep politics out of sports? Not according to one team…

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The Calgary Flames are currently embroiled in the middle of a multi-million dollar fight with the city of Calgary regarding funding for a new arena. The team’s current home, the Scotiabank Saddledome is nearly 35 years old and needs replacing in the immediate future. Where the money for construction will come from though, is still up in the air.

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi has been outspoken in his comments regarding the Flames’ plans to rely heavily on tax dollars to cover construction costs. The team, of course, is seeking to pay as little as possible out of their own pockets. As a result, the two sides are at odds… with fans stuck in the middle. Now, the Flames have taken a bold step in the mayoral cold war, they’ve endorsed candidate Bill Smith in the upcoming Calgary mayoral election.

It’s a bold move never before seen from an NHL franchise. Doubly so in today’s hyper-charged political climate where many sports fans merely want to use hockey, football, baseball, etc. as a means of escape from wall-to-wall politics talk in daily life.

Check out this photo from the Flames’ recent win over the Winnipeg Jets, courtesy of Reddit user LaserCats7:

Wow. That speaks volumes.