Must see: the most embarrassing goal of the season...

This will make you cringe...

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It was a rough night for Ottawa Senators backup goalie Mike Condon, whose first appearance in three weeks lasted less than 16 minutes as his team lost 5-1 to the Arizona Coyotes on Tuesday night. 

And his night ended on quite the embarrassing note... Condon was chased from the game after he allowed Coyotes forward Derek Stepan to score from Arizona’s blue-line with a simple flip of the puck down the ice during a Senators power play.

You can see, what we believe is, the most embarrassing goal of the season yet, in the video above. 

The puck headed down, but looked somewhat wide of the net, but it somehow ended up on the inside of Condon’s right leg and was deflected into the net. The Coyotes took the lead 3-0 at that point, and it was all over for Condon. 

“I had to do something,” said Senators coach Guy Boucher of taking Condon out of the game to reporters, according to the Ottawa Sun. “He’s a hard-working guy. He’s a good person. It’s tough for a coach to pull a goalie out. The team needed it. We needed something.”

“We got out-competed in the first period,” he added. “That doesn’t usually happen. That’s the one thing we’ve had from the beginning. Our compete level wasn’t there at all in the first period and after that, it was an uphill battle.”

The good thing in all of this? This awful game marked the end of a forgettable road trip.