NBC analyst sparks controversy with national anthem comments

He may want to re-think this one

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After running back Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders decided not to stand for the National Anthem, and instead, sit on a cooler eating a banana during a preseason game on Saturday, the sports world exploded with opinions.

Former NHL player and current NHL on NBC host Jeremy Roenick used a fake quote on Twitter to make his point on how he feels about the situation.

James Harrison didn't actually say that, as it's a made up quote from a Happy Gilmore blog. The radio station listed in the article is actually a country station in Texas. Whether or not Roenick knew that before quoting the tweet is unknown, but he clearly used it as a way to express how he felt.

This recent trend of believing everything you see online continues to be a problem in today's society. Maybe do some research before posting something to your hundreds of thousands of followers?

What are your thoughts on Roenick's comment?