New details emerge and provide potential clues for an offseason Ovechkin trade.

There is no smoke without fire.


There is no smoke without fire.

With Ovechkin and the actual Washington Capitals roster, it’ll be tough to face different results year after year. So time has come, according to many insider to change the face of the organization.

Should the Capitals rebuild around Kuzntezov and Orlov? Or they should rather change Ovechkin to change the core leadership group. Teams with a lot of depth (like Minnesota and St. Louis as examples) could be interested to trade for a huge package deal.

Elliotte Friedman’s 30 thoughts columns are always full of juicy information. Friedman, insider and reporter for the network’s national NHL coverage and Hockey Night in Canada came up with new details that provide potential clues for an offseason Ovechkin trade.

The Capitals have significant roster choices and must make an honest appraisal of the captain as a player. In the last four years, his even-strength goals in the regular season go 24, 28, 29, then down to 14 this past year. He had three even-strength goals in 13 playoff games. He will be 32 in September. The Capitals know him better than anyone else. Is this a one-year blip? Or has Father Time, undefeated in sports history, caught even him? How many wingers drove Stanley Cup winners into their mid-to-late 30s? Marian Hossa? Are they comparable?

Friedman also added the Washington Capitals might have enough depth if they keep T.J. Oshie, John Carlson, Andre Burakovsky, Evegeny Kuznetsov, Dimitry Orlov and Nate Schmidt replace the offense Ovi’s bringing.