New disgusting details of Voynov’s attack on his wife are leaked!

Maybe THIS will make sure he never returns to the NHL!

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Last week, an arbitrator upheld 's one-season NHL suspension but is gave him credit for serving half of it in 2018-19.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman suspended the former Los Angeles Kings defenseman for the upcoming season and the 2020 playoffs after determining he committed acts of domestic violence.

After the NHL Players Association appealed the ruling, arbitrator Shyam Das upheld Bettman's decision that Voynov should be suspended for the equivalent of one NHL season but found he should be credited with having already served 41 games of the suspension last season. So Voynov will now be eligible to return midway through next season.

The suspension came after it was alleged that Voynov caused “great bodily harm” to his wife Marta Varlamova in a domestic argument. Officers testified that Varlamova told police Voynov punched, kicked, and choked her, and that her face was cut after Voynov pushed her into a flat-screen television. The officer also testified to seeing a laceration above Varlamova’s left eye, blood streaming, and red marks on her neck. Voynov’s attorney claimed that police misunderstood Varlamova because she doesn’t speak English and maintained she “fell down.”

However, earlier this week, Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports revealed more gruesome details of Voynov’s attack on his wife, which took place in 2014, and you can be sure no NHL team will want to hire him after that! 

Take a breath and read what he had to say: 

“Do you know what happened in October 2014? During a Halloween party, Voynov got out of control. It started outside the building where the party was taking place… He grabbed his wife's glasses from her costume, threw them on the ground and stomped on them. He then punched her directly in the jaw. Voynov and his wife then headed home, where the Russian tried to strangle his wife three times. He also pushed her on the ground seven times and then kicked her. And when she managed to get up, Voynov took her head and slammed it on the corner of the TV, causing her to get cut again. Slava Voynov decided to stop the beating when he realized that there was too much blood in the bedroom. It was not the first time the defenseman had assaulted his wife. "- Renaud Lavoie

While the Kings parted ways with Voynov in 2014 and reiterated that they would not sign him again, the Russian blue liner could return to the NHL in January 2020… if a team wants anything to do with him. 

Can you imagine a team signing him after these new leaked details?!