NHL general managers make a decision on the emergency backup goalie situation.

A big announcement from the NHL.

NHL general managers make a decision on the emergency backup goalie situation.

There has been a ton of talk about potentially introducing a new rule as it pertains to emergency backup goaltenders in the National Hockey League following the dramatic story surrounding emergency backup goaltender David Ayres. There are many who feel that a team being forced to field a player of Ayres' caliber is a detriment to the competitive integrity of the game, and it is for that reason that there has been plenty of discussion around potentially introducing the "David Ayres" rule into the National Hockey League.

This of course would kill the possibility of there ever being another moment like the one that we saw just a few short weeks ago and over the weekend we learned that this would be one of the hot button issues at the NHL general managers meetings that are ongoing right now in Boca Raton Florida today. Well for those of you who were hoping to preserve the possibility of the NHL creating more moments like they did with David Ayres I have some good news to report. 

According to a report from the NHL's own Dan Rosen, the general managers got together on Monday and discussed this very rule and have come away with the conclusion that things are perfectly fine the way they are. It may not be the most popular decision among some teams, or for Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind'Amour given how he reacted to Ayres' stepping out onto the ice on that fateful day, but it sounds like things are goign to remain status quo.

"The NHL General managers discussed the emergency backup goalie procedure today in light of the David Ayres story," wrote Rosen on Monday. "hey are content to leave the rule as is, no changes. They feel it works and there is no reason to change it."

I gotta be honest I love this decision from the NHL. Sure there are some arguments to be made suggesting that a rule should be put in place here but these events are so rare that I don't think any hard will come of letting it continue as is. That being said if a team ever fails to make the playoffs or something of that nature due to a situation like this, I suspect that could result in the rule eventually being changed.