NHL legend played significant role in recruiting Lucic to Edmonton.

The Oilers had an ace up their sleeve.

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The Edmonton Oilers newest forward made a very interesting revelation this week when he discussed the free agent process and his eventual decision to sign with the Oilers organization.

While reiterating that the two biggest motivators were playing with Oilers superstar Connor McDavid, and his relationship with general manager Peter Chiarelli with whom he won a cup as a member of the Bruins, he also revealed for the first time that a certain National Hockey League legend also spoke to him, encouraging him to become an Oiler.

According to Lucic, he spoke to The Great One himself, Wayne Gretzky.

“I talked to him on the phone before I made my decision to go to Edmonton," said Lucic as per David Staples of the Edmonton Journal. " He just talked about what it was like for him to live in a place like Edmonton, and how it is to deal with their fans and he talked about how great their fans were and the friends. It was obviously really cool. The way I see it is when the Great One calls you and tells you to go to Edmonton, you go to Edmonton, you don’t go anywhere else.” 

It appears that the Edmonton Oilers had all the right factors to sway the bruising veteran, which is likely why they got him despite teams like the Canadiens reportedly offering more money.