NHL look to suspend MacDermid for his brutal hit to the head of Provorov

This wasn’t going to go unnoticed - even on New Year Day

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The NHL has just announced that Los Angeles Kings’ Kurtis MacDermid will have a hearing Friday for an illegal check to the head on Philadelphia Flyers’ Ivan Provorov.

The hit took place in the second period of last night’s contest as the Kings were leading 4-0 over the Flyers. Provorov was caught with his head down near his team’s bench when MacDermid didn’t miss the chance to stop him. 

However, as Provorov was slightly bent down, MacDermid nailed him right on the head and ended up going in the Flyers’ bench. 

Provorov’s teammates were pissed with the move and threw him out of the bench. However, no one went after him to make him pay. 

Check it out:

It seems like it will be the league that will make him pay as we expect he will be fined or banned for the illegal check to the head. 

The hearing will be on Friday.