Oilers place Colby Cave on waivers, and another NHL team may have him in their sights.

Oilers may lose one of their forwards.

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The Edmonton Oilers have made a relatively routine move today, but one insider appears to believe that it may be a move that will cost them in the long run.

On Saturday the Oilers placed 24 year old forward Colby Cave on waivers in order to make room on their roster for forward Josh Archibald, a player that the Oilers activated off of injured reserve on Saturday. Now to be clear this move comes as very little surprise, it had already been reported that Archibald had been cleared to play, although it was unclear at the time which player would be sent down by the Oilers in an effort to clear roster space for Archibald. For one reason or another the Oilers eventually settled on Cave as the odd man out, but there may be another NHL team that now has their eyes set on snatching Cave away from the Oilers organization.

According to a report from Sportsnet's National Hockey League insider Mark Spector, a source has previously informed him that the Bruins intended to pick up Cave should he ever return to the waiver wire. Cave, an undrafted prospect from the Western Hockey League, of course started his professional hockey career as a member of the Boston Bruins organization when he played several seasons as a member of the Providence Bruins of the American Hockey League. After a few seasons down in the AHL however Cave was eventually promoted to the main roster and kicked off his career as a player in the NHL. Cave however would play just 23 games with the Bruins before the team made the decision to place him on waivers, and it was then that the Edmonton Oilers took advantage and claimed Cave as their own.

Spector's exact words were that he was "once told that Bruins would claim Colby Cave back if ever he were to be waived," which leads me to believe that he may have heard this statement some time ago. That being said for that information to become public suggests to me that the Bruins were very unhappy losing Cave to the Oilers and I can't imagine that they won't at least seriously consider picking him up now that he is available once again.