Ovechkin's teammates are playing a guessing game

What will he choose to do?

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It is no secret for anyone : Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin wants to represent Russia at the 2018 Olympics, although the National Hockey League has forbidden its players to participate. 

Fans are still wondering if Ovi will break the rules and head to Pyeongchang, and they are not the only one. Ovechkin's teammates have no idea if they will be without their leader come winter.

“It’s too hard to think about right now,” told teammate Tom Wilson to Sportsnet during the BioSteel Camp.

"He’s going to make the decision that you hope is good for the team and good for him. He’s a smart guy. I think we respect his decision. We understand how important playing for your country is.”

Ovechkin has been adamant about representing Russia, but the NHL has yet to announce what consequences, if any, await stars who opt to leave the league mid-season to take part in the Olympics.