Peewee team pays tribute to opponent who recently lost his father

Just more proof that hockey players are the best people in the world.

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We often talk about “culture” in hockey and how hockey players respect “the code” amongst themselves, but when we’re provided with real life examples of it… well, it only serves to prove that hockey players are the best, most respectful athletes in the world.

Case in point, take the young men from this Boston area peewee team who took time prior to their game to pay tribute to an opponent who recently lost his father to ALS.

We’ll respect the family’s privacy and withhold the name of the young players involved in this inspiring gesture, but it’s worth noting that this is the boy’s Drew’s first game back since his father passed away. It also happened to be a championship game. Now, look what happens just prior to puck drop:

Incredible. Bless you, boys. And kudos to this team’s coach or whomever came up with the idea. Classy as it gets.